About Elliyas

I am nothing, nothing in accordance with the giant Universe! 😌

Am I kidding? No, it is truth.

Whatever, I appreciate your interesting to know me.

I am Elliyas Ahmed, founder of Blogger Elliyas as well as COMPROMATH

In COMPROMATH, I have published many important tutorials in context. Almost all of them have become popular to my audiences.

Now I am engaged with Freelancing Marketplace and completing my Graduation in Computer Science & Engineering at Begum Rokeya University.

That why I can't publish regular posts in my older website.  But I have got 2/3 dozens mail, a lot of messages where people request me to make Video Tutorials.

And I also thought, I should create an YouTube Channel and upload Video Tutorials.
But the problem is, you have already noticed that I am not good in English. 
So, please avoid my weakness in English. If you get my posts and tutorials helpful, encourage me.

Ideologically, I support Hezbut Tawheed. Because -
  • Hezbut Tawheed is completely nonpolitical, religious-reformative & well-organized who are calling human all over the world to be united to establish peace and humanity. 
  • They are teaching people to be loyal & obedient to their own nation, law of government.
  • They are working against Terrorism, Religious-Trade & other harmful & dangerous activities. 
  • Hezbut Tawheed has strong evidence, logic, ideology.

Most of people are misguided about Hezbut Tawheed. I belive, if everybody tries to think, understand the message of this non-profit organization with logic, reality & other necessary stuffs to be proved, maximum people will understand. 

Whatever, if you need any help, comments or anything you can mail to me.


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